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We reach out to communities that are faced with natural calamities like floods, drought/famine and man made civil wars.

This project or activity needs quick intervention and if delayed can lead to loss of lives because the people need to be relived of the situation in question. Emergencies in Uganda have been caused due to political i.e. wars in different areas both in Uganda and neighboring countries, and natural factors through different ways i.e. diseases, hunger, floods, drought and many other natural disasters. In case of an emergency it requires special attention, Afrah has attended to different emergencies in Uganda among which include; the hunger in Kiryadongo, Kasese and the Kyaka II refugee settlement.


Health is wealth, We look onto  assisting communities that lack good medical facilities, medical attention, health workers, medical knowledge and awareness and medical/Health support.

As a factor, proper health creates a lot of hope in humans.
In Afrah development and relief agency we have tried to give a hand to the government of Uganda in the health sector though the gap still stands as a lot is needed in order to reach out to a great number of people especially the infants, pregnant mothers, the old and those that cannot afford the prices of the medication needed.So as Afrah we are working together with Jinja Islamic center located in Jinja district to help provide medication to the people in need.


We extend good water supply to  communities in different parts of Uganda especially in the west Nile and the northern region of Uganda. These regions face a problem of prolonged drought, which leads to drying of wells and swamps where they draw water hence  people sharing water with their livestock which leads to contacting disease.

In different parts of Uganda, the supply of water is limited since some parts Uganda are dry place (semi desert) especially in the west Nile and the northern region of Uganda and those places with water lack clean and fresh for consumption  which in the end cause diseases to the people who utilize it. 

The government has embarked on providing piped water to different regions of the country but it’s hard to make all by its own and by the funds from our beloved different donors we lay a hand to the government through establishing boreholes, spring wells, water tanks and piped water, we have established over 200 water sources in schools and in different communities with the aim to provide clean and safe water in some of the places. This is one way of improving the health and the standards of living.


Program aimed at orphans and the needy people lacking education as a result of war and some their parents have died as a result of high spread of diseases leaving them the gap of incomes to facilitate education.

The increasing number of orphans and the needy people lacking education. Children are orphans as a result of war and some their parents have died as a result of high spread of diseases leaving them the gap of incomes to facilitate education (scholastic materials, tuition, and computers in schools). Afrah through its donor organization and individual donors have facilitated over 500 students (orphans and needy) with education requirements in different schools all over the country and provided 50 computers to Rabiha Schools.

Rabiha is one of the schools affiliated with Afrah development and relief agency and accommodates some of the orphans.


Tree planting projects, sensitisation of the community about the importance of the environment and nature, deforestation in Uganda is at a high rate as people cut down trees for different purposes like burning charcoal among others, in such projects people have been taught how to make Lorena stoves (energy saving stoves) especially in rural areas.


We run occasional programs aimed at supporting the needy/or those in need for a short period of time. Examples are:-

Ramathan programs

In this period, We provide food packs to  poor and needy Muslim families with Rice, Sugar, Maize Flour, Wheat Flour, Cooking Oil and powered milk. Fasting bring people closer to their creator and its mandatory to all health Muslims to fast as prescribed in the holy Quran.

Qurban and Aqeeqah program

This is an Islamic ritual performed once every year by each financially stable Muslim by slaughtering a sheep/Goat in the way of the creator Allah, appreciating the gift of humanity. Developed countries (Europe and America), individuals are not allowed by law to slaughter animals without consent from the concerned authorities, the qurban funds are sent to us, we perform on their behalf, and meat is distributed to the needy/poor people same applied to Aqeeqah.


Due to the heart to support needy/poor communities to over-come excessive poverty, we designed this through participatory ideas to foster development in order to improve their respective well being from their home and communities.

The support is extended to a group of marginalized groups like the widows, disabled and the youth. Such groups are provided with financial, skills training support in different fields. Ie in agriculture, Poultry, carpentry, animal and livestock forming etc.

Currently the running project under this is supporting and empowering the Widows in the Rwenzori Region in western Uganda. 200 widows are supported with agricultural inputs to improve on their household income through agriculture specifically growing maize and beans

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